Tim had been a union factory worker for most of the 24 years that they have been married and Anita has had the blessing of being a full time stay at home mom of 4 children. 

In 2010, God called Tim to start War Room Men, a non denominational ministry to men, a Christian men’s group that brings together men throughout the world to deal with issues they have on a day to day basis. With no denominational fences, ALL men are welcome, to be real with each other, not having to worry about being judged or condemned. It gives men the opportunity to develop real and lasting relationships through Christ Jesus.

In January 2017, God called Tim and Anita to a ministry focused on unity in the body and the making of disciples. War Room Ministries was birthed from this calling having War Room Men and the new ministry War Room Women within the ministry as a whole.

The saying "all are welcome" is truly at the heart of War Room Ministries as the we continues to see more and more people who have been rejected and hurt by the world come to find a place of acceptance and love.